WWE New Generation Arena on Display at Axxess SuperStore; Raw Is War Diorama

A prototype of the successfully crowdfunded WWE New Generation Arena is on display this weekend at the WrestleMania Axxess Superstore. The set looks fantastic, with a first look at the “Macho Man” Randy Savage bonus figure, as well as Doink, Diesel and the light-up entrance way.

More details on the progress of that project are likely to come out this weekend.

Also on display is a Raw is War entrance stage that is absolutely breathtaking. The stage literally smokes. Watch the video.

Although this isn’t the next Mattel Creations crowdfunding project, that’s not to say Mattel isn’t testing out consumer interest. Mattel WWE marketing manger Steve Ozer called it “just a dio” on the WrestlingFigs.com forum, but added that “if you guys want it I’ll try to make it happen.”

1 comment

  1. Please make the raw is war Mattel entrance playset. I will buy it. We need this as fans. With the smoke and the changeable lights. Plus you can Bluetooth entrance music from your phone to the titantron.


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