Chief Jay Strongbow WWE Elite Discontinued

The Chief Jay Strongbow WWE Elite action figure has been discontinued, according to Mattel WWE lead designer Bill Miekina.

Miekina shared the bad news in response to a question about the figure’s status on his Instagram page. Miekina didn’t offer any further details, but maybe more will come out during this weekend’s Q&A.

The figure did make it to some retailers and into the hands of some collectors. A few even popped up on eBay.

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  1. word is the figure was canceled because of cancel culture complaining he was not a real native American Indian, but an Italian impersonating an Indian. what is the difference of an actor playing a character in the movie of a different race? that’s what wrestlers do they play characters, the absurdity of people getting so easily offended over something as innocent as this is appalling!I don’t understand how cancel culture exist these people do not deserve to have a voice as for years all you had to do was ignore or avoid something you didn’t like. if you don’t like it then don’t buy it! It’s as simple as that! if not enough people buy it then it will be eventually taken off shelves or be clearanced out. You will never completely cancel anything it will always exist somewhere on the internet so what is the point? #cancelcancelculture


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