Canceled: Rob Van Dam WWE Elite 91 Chase Variant

Another upcoming WWE Elite figure has now been canceled … but not due to the world’s largest wrestling organization laying off the talent.

The previously announced Rob Van Dam WWE Elite 91 chase figure has now been pulled. Although Mattel has yet to officially comment, the figure is no longer listed for pre-order via Ringside Collectibles. Additionally, Wrestling Collector Shop shared this message with those who pre-ordered the figure saying the figure had been canceled and would not be replaced by another version of RVD.

The reason for the cancellation is due to the use of the Rising Sun flag, which is viewed in South Korea and parts of East Asia as a symbol of Japanese militarism. Read more about the flag’s history here.

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  1. My RVD Chase Variant Yin Yang was canceled but now shows Back-Order Estimated of Mid-February on Ringside……Has anyone seen this? Thanks


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