Owen Hart Action Figures Coming to AEW Line

One of the most-desired pro wrestling legends is coming to Jazwares’ AEW line of action figures.

Jazwares partner Jeremy Padawer announced today that Owen Hart is confirmed to be included as part of a deal between AEW and the Owen Hart Foundation to honor the legendary pro wrestler.

“This alliance incorporates opportunities to develop Owen Hart action figures via AEW’s partnership with Jazwares,” according to the press release.

“We will all work hard to create the greatest Owen Hart action figures and tributes to his and Martha’s legacy,” Padawer wrote. “This is phenomenal.”

“It’s a joyful moment,” he continued. “As a toymaker and life-long collector, the idea of celebrating Owen and his legacy is something that is 20+ years in the making. AEW is a remarkable company. Martha Hart has protected and nurtured Owen’s legacy for generations to come. “

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