WWE Releases Bray Wyatt; Could Elite ‘Burned’ Fiend be in Jeopardy?

A week after Mattel’s WWE Comic Con reveals, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt has been released from the world’s largest “sports entertainment” company.

For collectors of the Mattel WWE line, the question is now if the “burned” Fiend action figure will ever make it into their collections. That figure was earmarked for WWE Elite 92, which likely wouldn’t even hit big box retailers until 2022 — or maybe even Ringside Collectibles given Elite 88 is slated to arrive in mid-September and Elite 89 in early October.

If I had to guess, Elite 90 would hit Ringside in November and Elite 91 in December. Elite 92 might make it by late December, but I’m guessing it’d hit in January. That’s a long haul before the figure would likely arrive. Is it possible? There’s always a chance. Chelsea Green’s basics and the Elites of Zelina Vega and Braun Strowman all made it into the line after their respective WWE releases.

Other figures, as we know, were pulled, from Legends Sting to a basic Andrade.

Is Elite 92 Fiend’s release too far into the future to make it into the line? Could it be replaced? Those are questions the Mattel WWE team will be working out. Again, if I were to venture a guess, and it’s just that, a guess, I’d say it’s too far in the future for the Fiend to make it into the line. If Wyatt has a 90-day no compete, and I’m guessing he does, his time in purgatory would be up by November.

And really, I feel for the Mattel WWE team as the pace of WWE releases this year has likely injected chaos into their planning processes.

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