WWE Legends 13 Reveals: Triple H, Jake The Snake, Hurricane, Bob Orton

Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Are you ready to spin the wheel, and make the deal? Jake “The Snake” Roberts gets the chase figure in the Legends 13 lineup, with his late-Golden Era attire from the infamous cobra biting incident with “Macho Man” Randy Savage, as well as his Halloween Havoc 1992 gray tights.

Jake “The Snake” Comes with a cobra and possibly a new head scan — or at least a True FX version of his Legends figure.

Triple H

Legends 13 also includes the continuation of the DX Army build with Triple H, as well as new Legends figures of “Cowboy” Bob Orton and Hurricane.

Triple H will come with soft goods DX shirt and camouflage pants. Now about that tank …


Although Hurricane is definitely toyetic, I’d be concerned that Orton might warm pegs. Hurricane’s classic basic figure Series 5 gets an upgrade.

“Cowboy” Bob Orton

Orton features a removable arm sleeve for concealing foreign objects, as well as boxing gloves for getting pummeled by Mr. T on Saturday Night’s Main Event. Orton’s only other Elite figure was in the Legends 2-pack with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper back around the start of the line, so there may be an appetite for a new figure.

No word on pre-orders on these yet as many of us are still piecing together Legends 10, 11 and 12.


  1. How do I order legends 13 before the world does? That’s like this last batch at target sold out before hit there site. I mean i work for a living I can’t post up at target or Walmart everyday. My son is autistic so it’s been rather hard to find him these new wrestlers since the pandemic started as a collector for him I usually buy 2 of each one so he can play with one and the other goes in the man cave. But I’m haten how this has all changed and granted people on welfare got to have a hustle but when you pat $19.99 in store there charging $60.00 and up. I mean jeesh maybe I should quit my $28hr average ( salary ) job for the U.S.M.C. with 4 tours and just be a bum all day. Ohh wait they didn’t have there leg blown off by a i.e.d. BUT I STILL WORK.. I could of took the easy way and asked for help. But I’m not like that so sorry to ramble on just pisses me off that SCUMBAGS are ruining it for not only me but my son as well.. He don’t understand it like normal people do.


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