WWE Elite 88 Reveals: Zodiac, Trish Stratus, Rey Mysterio, Matt Riddle

We now have a more complete picture of WWE Elite 88. As part of today’s Comic Con reveals, we finally got a look at the upcoming Rey Mysterio, Matt Riddle and Trish Stratus figures. Plus, another member of the Dungeon of Doom is coming into the fold

The Zodiac (aka Brutus Beefcake) will be joining the Elite line. The Zodiac will come with two heads, and soft good wrist streamers.

Stratus finally gets her cowboy hat era look into figure form.

Stratus will also get a chase figure in the wave from WrestleMania 18.

Matt Riddle features a new head sculpt, and hopefully corrected biceps, as Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer has promised.

And Rey Mysterio is looking like his Stratos-inspired figure from the Masters of the WWE Universe line.

The rest of Elite 88 includes MVP, Roman Reigns and Kushida.

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