Mattel to Crowdfund WWE New Generation Arena Set w/ Ultimate Edition Diesel & Neon Entrance

Mattel is getting into crowdfunding for its WWE line. The first project, which will need 5,000 backers, is a New Generation Arena set that comes with the neon light-up entrance way, ring and Diesel Ultimate Edition action figure. The project will go live on Friday, July 23, at 3 p.m. ET at MattelCreations.com.

The price tag: $250. So at 5,000 backers at $250 each, Mattel is looking for $1.25 million to make this project a reality. Mattel’s WWE team of Steve Ozer an Bill Miekina discussed the project, and dropped a hint at what may be to come among the unlocked features, with an oversized Doink mallet.

Here’s the official word from Mattel Creations:

“Get ready, @wwe Universe! Mattel Creations is launching our first ever WWE® crowdfunded project on 7/23 starting with the debut of the WWE® Ultimate Edition New Generation Arena.

“Recreate every moment of action from iconic entrances to victorious post-match celebrations!! The more of you who back this passion project, the more add-ons unlock for you to add to your ULTIMATE collection!

“The excitement starts on this Friday 7/23 at 11 AM PST on the @comic_con International YouTube page (youtube.com/user/comiccon). The project launches on mattelcreations.com on 7/23 at 12 PM PST!”

Additionally, Matthew Goldberg of WrestleFigNews on twitter reported that there will be unlockable tiers, menaing the more backers, the more goodies with the release.

Here’s a better look at the set.

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