WWE Reveals: Elite 87 Photos of Candice LeRae, Warlord, Santos Escobar, Apollo Crews, Braun, Otis, Asuka

WWE Elite 87 has moved beyond the render stage. We finally received a look at pics of the upcoming wave, via WWE.com.

The lineup includes first-time-in-the-line figures of Candice LeRae and Santos Escobar. The lineup also includes the new version of the U.S. Championship title, which comes with an updated Apollo Crews figure; Crews (in white) is also the chase figure in the wave.

Repeat figures include Otis and Asuka, now with face paint. The wave also may include the last Braun Strowman — the first Elite with the bald head sculpt.

The Collectors’ Edition figure is the Warlord, in Powers of Pain gear. He’s exclusive to Walmart.

Notably, several figures in E87 feature double-jointed elbows.

Here’s a look at the wave.

Candice LeRae

Santos Escobar

Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews (Chase)



Braun Strowman



  1. The Warlord pics above seem a tad different from the prototype photos. But the above pic is the regular release. Not the Walmart exclusive?


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