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Ringside Collectibles Addresses Pre-Order Shipping Delays

Ringside Collectibles offered an update on the shipping days many customers have experienced over the last couple of months for pre-ordered products with late-May and early June estimated shipping dates, including the Ultimate Edition 9 wave (“Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Ric Flair).

“Just wanted to give everyone an update, unfortunately there are a lot of shipping carrier delays across the board from China lately which caused some of our late-May / early-June dated items to have a slight delay,” Ringside wrote on the forum. “For Ultimate 9 we received part of the shipment in May and the remaining part of it a little later due to a shipping carrier issue. Our dates are estimates and dates can always vary due to the unpredictability of importing goods from overseas.

“We greatly apologize for these slight delays and have done everything in our power to get the figures to you ASAP. In fact almost all orders from late-May / early-June have been shipped and any remaining should hopefully ship very soon.”

Shipping delays have been a major headache within every industry, not just toys — and are largely out of the hands. of retailers like Ringside.

The New York Post reported that there is a major backlog of toy shipments for both WWE toy maker Mattel and Hasbro at the facility in Shenzhen, showing pictures of piled up boxes. Additionally, there is a shipping container shortage on top of a transportation bottleneck exasperated by the blockage of the Suez Canal in March.

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