AEW Double or Nothing Ringside Q&A Highlights

Jazwares AEW team Magic Olmos and Gregory Mitchell answered questions submitted through Ringside Collectible’s message board. Here are a few of the highlights (or watch the video above):

What is the difference between Unrivaled and Unmatched?

Well, there really isn’t one. Mitchell said it’s a way to get more figures into the line more quickly. He added that it’ll double the number of figures that Jazwares releases. And the sixth slot in Unmatched will be either an LJN-style figure or a Luminary, such as Sting.

Will we see legends figures in throwback attire, such as Crow or Joker Sting and in-ring Taz?

Mitchell said they’ll explore the opportunity. He didn’t outright say they’d explore those looks, but said the company will look to exploit what it can with looks, while admitting there are things the company may have to stay away from.

How are chase figures selected?

Olmos said he looks to do more niche, moment-in-time offerings for chase figures.

Will Unmatched chase figures be released in the same quantity as Unrivaled?

Yes. The 3,000 and 5,000 benchmark will carry over to Unmatched, Mitchell said.

Will Jazwares release guard rails, ring skirts, turnbuckle pads and other arena setups?

Olmos said the plan is to build out the world of AEW.

Could Sammy Guevara’s Golf Cart or Sue’s Van see a release?

Mitchell said the success of the line is opening up opportunities for these types of products.

What is the turn around time from debut to release?

Michell said Jazwares can pivot quickly but the team works about nine months out. Olmos added that the hardest part is getting the likeness right.

When will we get figures of Christian, Christopher Daniels, Marko Stunt, Joey Janela and Brian Cage?

All are under consideration, Mitchell said. Unmatched gives Jazwares the ability to do more. Mitchell said to keep advocating for characters and they’ll listen.

What revisions or improvements do you see coming for Unrivaled and Unmatched down the line?

Olmos said the line is continuously evolving from likenesses to skin tones. Mitchell said feedback is good, so keep it coming.

What are the chances of an entrance stage or stadium?

If fans support the line, they’ll be able to do more. Mitchell added that more reveals are coming later this year.

Could we see a Kenny Omega with four belts?

Mitchell and Olmos said it’d be incredible but comes down to rights. They’d love to do it though.

Chances of Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone?

“Let’s give the people what they want,” Mitchell said.

Will we get an all Dark Order wave and can you use metallic purple foil for the packaging?

There’s a wave planned for Unmatched and that puts pressure on them to complete the set, Mitchell said.

Will there be other scaled figures or retro-style figures?

They want to stick to one scale, but the LJNs will be 8-inches to match the original WWF Wrestling Superstars figures.

Will there be more Action Packs?

The more they sell, the more they’ll make.

What are the possibilities of wrestlers from other companies — New Japan, Impact — getting figures?

Mitchell said they’d jump at the chance but it all comes down to rights. But they’re all for it. Olmos would like to make Juice Robinson.

Any future plans for playsets such as backstage areas, parking lots or entrance stages?

Mitchell reiterated that they’d jump at the chance.

When will we see suited figures?

Mitchell said they’re getting requests and it makes sense to do them. Olmos added that it’s about time to do a fresh take on them.

Will we see more women figures?

There should be one per wave for the next year or so, Mitchell said.

Will legends and managers make the line?

Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Tully Blanchard are in the thought process, according to Mitchell.

Will we see the Acclaimed and Eddie Kingston soon?

Yes, they want to make them.

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