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WWE Elite 86 Available for Pre-Order: Seth Rollins, Triple H, The Fiend, Carmella, The Miz, Sid Justice

The 2021 SummerSlam WWE Elite set is now official. WWE Elite 86 is now available for pre-order at Ringside Collectibles, featuring Seth Rollins, The Fiend, Triple H (with chase variant), Sid Justice, Carmella, and The Miz.

Aside from Triple H (1998 SummerSlam purple tights), the other figure attires are unknown.

However, The Fiend can only be from the 2020 event. Ringside’s teaser image likely offers a few clues on the others.

Rollins is likely also from the 2020 event in his Monday Night Messiah mocking Rey Mysterio purple body suit. Carmella is likely in her 2018 pink “fabulous” gear.

Sid Justice is likely in his referee attire from the 1991 “Match Made in Hell” main event tag team battle between the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter and Col. Mustafa, who is rumored to be the collectors’ edition figure in the wave.

The Miz’s look isn’t clear but possibly his 2018 match with Daniel Bryan.

The set of six figure retails for $159.99 (10% off with code wfigs). The Miz is the most expensive regular series individual figure ($27.99), followed by Triple H, Carmella and Sid ($26.99 each) and then Rollins and The Fiend ($25.99 each). The set is expected to ship in mid-May.

The Triple H chase figure is price at $37.99.

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