WWE Fan Takeover 2 Up For Order on Amazon: Gargano, Christian, Orton, X-Pac

WWE Fan Takeover Series 2 is now available for order on Amazon.com. But it’s a little complicated. For starter’s, although the listings say “temporarily out of stock,” you can place an order. Shipping dates are not available yet. (UPDATE: Amazon estimates that the wave will ship by March 31).

Also a complication, as in past waves, the names don’t match up with the photos, with the exception of X-Pac. So, if you want a certain character and it doesn’t match up, best to order both just to be sure. And you can always return the other.

Here are the listings; click on the name to order:


Christian (Randy Orton pictured)

Johnny Gargano (Christian pictured)

Randy Orton (Johnny Gargano pictured)

Each retails for $19.99 and shipping is free for Prime members.

H/t: Fig Cave on Twitter.


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