Future Britt Baker AEW Figures Teased

UPDATE 9:23 p.m. ET: There will not be a Britt Baker and Cody Rhodes 2-pack, according to Jazwares partner Jeremy Padawer. The earlier teases of the supposed Ringside Collectibles 2-pack featuring Baker and Rhodes were apparently just Padawer trolling Baker.

However, Padawer said Baker will receive an upcoming single-pack figure — he mentioned wave one of the Unmatched series — and he said there will be a Ringside 2-pack featuring Baker and another character later this year. Although, it’s hard to know what info to trust at this point.

ORIGINAL POST: Britt Baker will be featured in a Ringside Collectibles exclusive 2-pack with Cody Rhodes, Jazwares partner Jeremy Padawer announced today.

The 2-pack with Rhodes, who will be in a suit, will be part of a “Waiting Room” set that includes a cardboard fold out of her talk show set, two AEW microphones, Baker’s entrance jacket and alternate grip hands for Rhodes.

Baker will also be featured in Unmatched Series 1, the rotating series that is slated to run in opposite months to the existing Unrivaled line, Padawer shared.

Padawer added that Rhodes’ dog Pharaoh will also be making it into the AEW figure line.

Padawer had begun the day trolling fans with a picture of a suited Cody Rhodes figure that was actually a photoshop of Rhodes’ AEW sculpt on a WWE Mattel suited body.

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