WWE Legends 10 Images: Vader, DDP, Brutus Beefcake, John Cena

Mattel revealed the full lineup for the 10th wave of the Target exclusive WWE Legends Elite line today.

Joining Dream Team-era Brutus Beefcake and invasion-era Diamond Dallas Page will be the long-rumored Big Van Vader and John Cena figures.

Vader comes in his WCW debut mask, as well as interchangeable V hand sign hands. Mattel is also issue a Mastodon helmet, as well as the leather mask with an alternate head scan.

Cena is a two-in-one figure, featuring his rookie year orange and blue trunks as well as a flat-top head sculpt, as well well as modern day head sculpt. Cena also comes with the devil Vince McMahon puppet from the WrestleMania 36 Firefly Funhouse match with Bray Wyatt.

Beefcake, in his WrestleMania 2 yellow zebra-print tights, comes with cloth entrance robe, as well as a silver plated WWF Tag Team Championship belt.

Beefcake is also the chase figure in the wave.

Wrapping up the wave is DDP with short hair and gear from the WCW invasion of WWE. DDP also features an ear piece from his days as “Positively” Page.

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