Jazwares to Add 2nd AEW Line — Unmatched — This Fall

AEW toy maker Jazwares will launch a second SKU (stock-keeping unit) for action figures under the Unmatched banner, Jazwares partner Jeremy Padawer revealed on social media today.

The Unmatched line, which will feature figures in the same style as the Unrivaled line, would allow Jazwares to go deeper into AEW’s roster.

If retailers bite on the Unmatched line, Unrivaled and Unmatched would ship in alternating months. Padawer, as always, seems optimistic about the chances of success.

The news comes after Padawer revealed the lineup for the fourth wave of AEW Unrivaled: Santana, Ortiz, Sammy Guevara, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and Matt Hardy. Photos of that wave are “coming soon.”

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