Michael Hayes Headlines WWE Elite 83 with Edge, Drew McIntyre, Dusty Rhodes, Sasha Banks, King Corbin

Badstreet U.S.A. is coming home. Fabulous Freebird Michael P.S Hayes is the highlight of Mattel’s WWE Elite Series 83.

Hayes is the Collectors’ Edition figure, which is exclusive to Walmart stores. He comes with sunglasses that aren’t accurate to his ring garb from his World Class Championship Wrestling days in the mid-1980s. Instagram user dfreedom80 noted that the sunglasses were from WCW TV studio shots from October 1991.

Hayes is also expected to come with a cloth shirt — hopefully Badstreet U.S.A. The figure is available now for pre-order from Ringside Collectibles ($29.99, with an early January ship date).

The rest of Elite 83 includes two Edge variants — WrestleMania 36 and Backlash 2020 (chase). Both figures come with a soft goods “You Know Me” shirt.

Other figures in the wave include King Corbin, Sasha Banks, Drew McIntyre (WrestleMania 36) and Dusty Rhodes.

Mattel offered a look at the Rhodes figure with mashup gear from Saturday Night’s Main Event (October 13, 1990) and the 1990 Survivor Series. Rhodes’ birthmark is expected to be adjusted.

Velveteen Dream was supposed to be the sixth figure in the Elite 83 wave. However, his figure was pulled for “Google it” reasons.

The five regular series figures in the wave are available for pre-order from Ringside Collectibles with an early January ship date ($139.99)

Now take a walk down Badstreet USA.

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