AEW Comic Con

Jeremy Padawer Discusses AEW Unrivaled Line with Pixel Dan

During an interview with “Pixel” Dan Eardley, Jazwares partner Jeremy Padawer discussed the importance of keeping the AEW Unrivaled series in-scale with Mattel’s WWE Elite and Basic figures, give wrestling figure fans the opportunity to create dream matches.

Padawer called it “critical” to keep pro wrestling, MMA and other fight-style figures in “the fight figure scale” for collectors who play or display.

“If it’s wrestling or MMA or whatever it may be in combat, should probably try to keep it all in scale,” he said. “Essentially you’re dealing with the world of fantasy. So why not have cross-promotion stuff? Why not have cross branded stuff? Why not engage in that way?”

Padawer discussed the potential of AEW, from the backing of the billionaire Khan family, to stars such as Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes. He added that he’s a fan of AEW’s creative and young talent.

Padawer and Eardley don’t go too far into the details of what’s to come from the AEW Unrivaled line. However Padawer said over the next five years that he hopes Jazwares creates tens and tens of waves and “hundreds” of AEW figures.

The conversation also covers other lines, such as Halo and Micro Machines, and toy distribution, including the loss of Toys R Us.

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