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D.W.O. Customs Impresses with Hakushi and Other Flashback Customs

D.W.O. Customs continues to impress with each new custom action figure.

D.W.O. started customizing figures about three years ago, after coming across a Kenny Omega custom.

“[I] thought to myself, i can do that,” D.W.O. told me. “As for inspiration I have a list of customs I would like in my collection.”
Last week, D.W.O. shared an Elite of Hakushi from the 1994-1996 era WWF. Check out how clean this figure came out. 

Here’s a look at all of the work going into that figure. The head is a mashup of an Undertaker and Lord Tensai figure.

D.W.O. has been filling holes in collections with impressive customs that Mattel has yet to make, including flashback characters such as Gangrel, Tajiri, The Great Kabuki, Glacier and many more.

“I can make pretty much anyone,” D.W.O. told me.

Beyond the mid-card, there are some capital L legends too. A personal favorite of mine is The Great Muta.

We can only hope that the upcoming Mattel Elites of these Comic-Con reveals are this good.

It’s also comforting to know that if Super 7 doesn’t give us Daryl the cat, D.W.O. is here for us.

Follow D.W.O on Instagram, and check out his site for information on commissions.

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