Comic Con WWE

Comic-Con Reveals: WWE Ultimate Edge, Fiend, Hollywood Hogan and Macho Man

The Rated R Superstar, The Fiend and Macho Man are going Ultimate.

WWE Ultimate Editions 7 and 8 were revealed during the WWE Mattel Comic-Con At-Home panel today. The long-rumored Fiend Ultimate Edition figure is going to be a reality in the seventh wave, along with the long-awaited “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan figure.

The Fiend will come with two head sculpts, his entrance jacket and his custom championship belt.

As for Hollywood, he will feature three head sculpts, the Big Gold World Championship belt with nWo spray painted on it, boa, bandanna, glasses, and multiple hands.

Ultimate Edition wave 8, which is expected to hit in 2021, and will feature a modern era Edge in his Royal Rumble return attire. The old man Edge Ultimate will come with a second head, with pulled back hair.

Finally, “Macho Man” Randy Savage rounds out wave 8 in his neon cowboy era attire, along with an entrance coat with tassels that has yet to be shown. I’m all in on The Fiend, Hollywood and Edge, but I’m very much on the fence on this Macho Man. I’ll have to see it in person to make a final decision.


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