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The Fiend, Jake the Snake, Mr. T and Seth Rollins Masters of the WWE Universe Figures Added to

Walmart has posted the next wave of Masters of the WWE Universe action figures to its website. The next wave features “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, Jake “the Snake” Roberts, Mr. T and Seth Rollins.

Each figure was posted for $14.92.

The Fiend is listed as the “Evil Lord of Fireflies.” (Walmart link) The Fiend’s mouth moves, and his hands are interchangeable with weapons.

Jake “the Snake” is the “Evil Purveyor of Poison.” (Walmart link) With a removable face, Jake Roberts brings back memories of King Hiss from the original Masters of the Universe line.

Mr. T is the “Heroic Pitier of Fools.” (Walmart link) The Mr. T figure is a callback to the Fisto figure in the 1980s Masters of the Universe line, and he comes with golden gauntlet accessories.

And Seth Rollins is the “Slayer of Kings and Beasts.” (Walmart link) Rollins resembles Zodiac from the original Masters line. He comes with a burning sword accessory.


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