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WWE Legends 18 Prototypes: Samoan Swat Team, Paul E. Dangerously & Hulk Hogan

The first in-person look at the upcoming Target exclusive WWE Elite Legends wave came earlier this week during the Hogan’s Beach Shop reveals (photos via Ringside Collectibles). The set features Samu and Fatu of the Headshrinkers and Samoan Swat Team, Paul E. Dangerously and Hulk Hogan. HEADSHRINKERS SAMOAN SWAT TEAM (SAMU & FATU) PAUL E. […]

WWE Elite 100 Prototypes: Stunning Steve Austin, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Becky Lynch, The Rock & Andre The Giant

World Championship Wrestling will be prominently featured in the milestone WWE Elite 100 line. The first figure prototypes were revealed during the Hogan’s Beach Shop Mega Powers event earlier this week (photos via Ringside Collectibles). here’s a look at the figures, which all come with new championships. STUNNING STEVE AUSTIN REY MYSTERIO JOHN CENA BECKY […]

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