WWE Defining Moments Line Returns as Ringside Exclusive; Additional Details of the Rebooted Line

The WWE Defining Moments line will return in 2023 as an exclusive to online wrestling action figure retailer Ringside Collectibles. The return of the Defining Moments line next year — starting with King of the Ring 1998 Mankind — was announced during today’s Ringside Fest online reveals.

Mattel WWE marketing director Steve Ozer shared additional details on the WrestlingFigs.com forum today. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Defining Moments figures will be in the Elite form factor;
  • They will “not typically” come with multiple head sculpts. Those will “predominantly” be reserved for Ultimate Edition figures;
  • The number of Defining Moments figures will “fluctuate from year to year,” but expect “more than one” with the relaunch;
  • The rebooted Defining Moments line will mark a return to the spirit of the original line capturing the moments that defined a character’s career. Figures slated to follow Mankind will be within that context;
  • The Defining Moments “packaging will be a little evolved with visual nods to the original.”

No word yet when Mankind will go up for pre-order.


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