Power Town

PowerTown Reveals Test Shot Photos of Bruiser Brody & Verne Gagne

Following the 12-day return of PowerTown Wrestling figure pre-orders and the reveal of a Stan Hansen test shot, PowerTown has revealed test shots of the upcoming Bruiser Brody and Verne Gagne figures from series one.

Brody comes with chain, board and fur-like vest.

Gagne comes with the Police Gazette Belt, jacket and towel accessories.

Follow this link to get on on these final pre-orders, which expire December 6, at 11:59 p.m. ET. But this is the last shot to get these it sounds like. So if you want them, go get them. Series 1 includes Hansen, Brody, Gagne, Magnum TA, Kerry Von Erich and Lou Thesz.

Here’s a preview.



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