Power Town

PowerTown to Resurrect Remco-Style Figures in 2023

The 1980s Remco-style All Star Wrestlers action figures will be making a comeback via Steve Rosenthal and Greg Gagne’s PowerTown Wrestling brand.

PowerTown announced the resurrection of the figure line earlier this week on social media:

“PowerTown Wrestling has officially acquired the rights to the historic Remco brand and logo for a new line of wrestling action figures. The REMCO Series 1 line-up will be announced in January 2023.👏🏻”

In a press release, Rosenthal said: “After the incredible success of our recent Ultra’s Series 1 launch under the PowerTown Wrestling brand, I knew I wanted to revisit my roots and develop a new line of wrestling figures featuring the Remco name. It’s a dream come true that I was able to re-acquire the Remco rights and I’m looking forward to re-launching a new wrestling action figure line featuring legendary and iconic wrestlers.”

In interviews, Rosenthal has said PowerTown has 200-plus wrestling personalities signed to merchandising deals.

PowerTown said it has acquired the rights to use the Remco brand name and logo.

Pre-orders for the company’s first wave of more modern-style figures closed at the end of October. The first wave includes Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Kerry Von Erich, Magnum TA, Verne Gagne, and Lou Thesz.

Mattel has recently found success making Remco-style figures via its WWE Superstars line.

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