Jake The Snake Roberts & Ravishing Rick Rude Revealed as WWE Ultimate Coliseum Collection Wave 2

Following the launch of the first wave of WWE Ultimate Edition Collection figures (Hulk Hogan and Terry Funk) earlier today, Mattel WWE marketing manager Steve Ozer revealed the lineup for wave two, featuring “Ravishing” Rick Rude and Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Both figures come in the ring gear immortalized by their WWF LJN action figures from the 1980s. The Rude and Roberts figures are expected to go up for order in March 2023.

As part of the two figure box set, Roberts will come with a fully posable Damien python.

Both Roberts and Rude will feature new torsos. One ripped (Rude) and one note (Roberts). Note that while it appears that Rude’s tattoo is on the wrong arm, it’s not. The video is inverted.

The first wave of Coliseum Collection figures is still available for order ($70, with a ship date of by December 30). Follow this link to bring home all the action.

More pics of Coliseum Collection II below.


  1. I feel like the 1980s are finally coming back. This is an amazing feeling. You guys keep doing what you’re doing. This is awesome.


  2. Oh this is amazing! During the 80’s I lived in the apartment complex next door to Rick Rude. He was washing his car. What an amazing thrill that was for me. 💙


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