Pre-Order Now: Heels & Faces Retro Series 2: Andre the Giant, Kevin Sullivan, Nick Gage, Raven, Bruiser Brody & King Kong Bundy

Retro collectors, Zombie Sailor Toys’ second wave of Hasbro WWF-style retro action figures are now available for pre-order.

The six figure wave features Raven, Andre The Giant, Bruiser Brody, Kevin Sullivan, King Kong Bundy and Nick Gage.

Notably, Andre the Giant, Kevin Sullivan, Nick Gage, Bruiser Brody and King Kong Bundy are all slated to ship between March/April 2023. Raven is expected to ship in the summer. Feel free to order them all together and the finished figures will ship before Raven, according to ZST.

Each figure sells for $40, with the exception of Raven at $45. Follow this link to order.

In other Zombie Sailor/Heels and Faces news: The Jeff Jarrett figure has shipped from the factory and is headed to the U.S. Danhausen and Sabu (pink pants) are slated to ship to the U.S. in early November.

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