Power Town

PowerTown Reveals Packaging for Bruiser Brody Figure

PowerTown may still not have an on sale date for its action figures, but the company revealed what the packaging will look like for the line when it does finally launch.

PowerTown showed off the packaging for Bruiser Brody, who was inserted into the first wave of figures in place of Ted DiBiase — due to DiBiase being under a Legends deal with WWE.

PowerTown is smartly going with a book-like format, which includes a bio on the inside of the flap.

The flip side of the flap includes a hero image of the figure, this one showing off Brody’s mug and gig-marked forehead.

The back of the box offers detailed looks at the figure, along with the other figures in series one.

Again, no word on when these go on sale, but I’m getting itchy seeing Brody.

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  1. Tremendo yo lo pedía que lo hicieran y gracias lo hicieron como pedí todo los detalle como real mente Hera Bruiser Brody yo lo vi ah el personal cuando Hera un niño en Puerto Rico y metía miedo pero Hera excelente luchador hardcore y Abdullah The Butchers


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