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This Week in Wrestling Figures: Happy San Diego Comic-Con Week, AEW Unrivaled 10 Photos, & More

Gotta get our guy Zeus, this week.

San Diego Comic-Con Week is Here

Welcome to an abbreviated edition of This Week in Wrestling Figures — your weekly roundup of wrestling figure news. And let’s be honest — it’s the quiet before the storm. San Diego Comic-Con is just days away. If you’re at the show, you can pick up the 1-of-1,000 Brodie Lee AEW figure and the WWE Ultimate Edition No Holds Barred 2-pack.

If you didn’t make the trip, then you can’t get Brodie but you can order Rip and Zeus via Mattel Creations starting at noon ET on Friday, July 22.

Comic-Con week brings a ton of reveals, starting with Preview Night on Wednesday, July 20. The Mattel WWE panel takes place Thursday, July 21, at 2:15 p.m. ET, with Cody Rhodes in attendance. So you know we’re getting at least renders of Cody’s first WWE “American Nightmare” figures.

One thing we won’t be seeing this year is the launch of Mattel’s next WWE crowdfunding campaign. So we’ll have to wait to put the pieces together on that one.

And Jazwares is in attendance, so maybe a few reveals there. Maybe we’ll see some progress from where we left off with Double or Nothing.

Hey, it’s AEW Unrivaled 10 photos!

AEW Unrivaled 10 Photos Drop Quietly

Remember when Jazwares used to blow out every series with hour-by-hour photo drops? Me too. I miss those heady days. In fact, I mentioned it to Jeremy Padawer on his Twitter AMA last night. Here’s his response.

This segues to Ringside Collectibles dropping AEW Unrivaled 10 photos with little fanfare last week. The set features the first AEW figures of Andrade and Taz, Britt Baker in her Scott Hall tribute gear, an updated Miro, and Blood and Guts figures of Jake Hager and Wardlow.

The set is up for pre-order at Ringside, with Britt, Andrade and Miro on backorder until mid-August and the full set backordered until late September. You can still catch the other three on pre-order one with an early August ship date.

This is all to say there are new images from the set. Here’s a look, courtesy of Ringside:

Britt Baker

Hey, yo! It’s Britt Baker.
Survey says, we may have a championship sizing issue.
Fire gear.



Jake Hager



Taz 1-of-3,000 Rare

Britt Baker 1-of-5,000 Chase

There’s definitely some way to feel about some of these figures. Britt Baker’s championship is too big. That’s been an issue with the Jazwares AEW line for some time now (see, TNT Championship). The World and Tags are much better in fit, but Britt looks like she’s carrying around a watch.

Some of the head scans aren’t perfect. That’s every line. Miro’s straight face scan stands out as a didn’t quite get there. But that’s just what I’m seeing from these photos. Maybe it’s better in hand.

There are some fire attires: Britt’s Scott Hall look, Miro, Andrade, Wardlow in white. Straight fire.

The Taz chase is a let down. But I’m glad I don’t have to shell out a few hundred bucks for an ECW Taz chase, although that sounds pretty rad.

Still, a lot of good stuff in AEW Unrivaled 10 — and 10 sets in is a pretty great accomplishment for any line. Here’s to the next 10.

Jeremy Padawer is always feeling right on Fig Night.

Jeremy Padawer joins Fig Night

Speaking of Jeremy P., he hopped on Fig Night with our friends over at the Turnbuckle Tavern. 100% worth the watch. Or catch it in podcast form.

Corazon De Leon, No. 10 on Ringside and in our hearts.

Ringside Top 10: Punk is King

CM Punk is your reigning top seller over at Ringside Collectibles. No. 2 on the list: Karrion Kross Elite 85. OK, this is how you know there’s a sell. Kross is available for $5.99, plus shipping, through Ringside’s Christmas in July sale, which is still going.

I’ll be back this week with all of the reveals. Stay tuned and happy Comic-Con week!

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