Shawn Michaels & Brock Lesnar WWE Ultimate Edition 4 Second Chance Pre-orders Up Now

If you missed on the first round of WWE Ultimate Edition Series 4 Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels figures, your second chance has arrived.

Ringside Collectibles has both figures available for pre-order with a mid-July ship date. The Beast Incarnate retails for $37.99, while the Heartbreak Kid goes for $38.99. Get ’em both for $75.99 (10% off with code wfigs). Michaels appears to be the hot seller of the two as his order page disappeared at one point over the weekend but has popped back up. Follow this link to order.

Over at Wrestling Collector Shop, Lesnar retails for $36.99 (10% off with code t4l) with a July ship date.

If you want these, don’t sleep on them.

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