WWE Ultimate Edition Fan Takeover Amazon Exclusive Jeff Hardy and Hulk Hogan Winners

The first two Amazon WWE Fan Takeover Ultimate Edition winners were revealed today during Mattel’s WrestleMania reveals.

The winners of the fan vote for the first two exclusive figures are Jeff Hardy in his 2008 SmackDown gear and Hulk Hogan from WrestleMania 9.

Hardy and Hogan are both expected to hit the e-commerce giant by late summer.

Both are expected to come with cloth shirts.

Hardy’s December 19, 2008, SmackDown attire beat out Armageddon 2008 and WrestleMania 25, while Hogan’s ‘Mania 9 gear won out over his WCW Nitro debut and Uncensored 1996 options.

Future Fan Takeover Ultimate Edition figures include the Ultimate Warrior (late 2021/early 2022) and Shawn Michaels (spring 2022).

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