Stone Cold Steve Austin and Ric Flair Ultimate Edition Figure Photos, Available for Pre-Order at Ringside Collectibles

In honor of 3:16 Day, Mattel released the first images of the upcoming Ultimate Edition “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Ric Flair action figures on WWE.com.

The two figures are now available for pre-order at Ringside Collectibles ($69.99 for the set; use code freeship for free shipping or wfigs for 10% off) with a late May shipping date. Each figure is available for $35.99, if you just want Austin or Flair.  But I don’t know why you wouldn’t both.

Austin comes with some much-coveted accessories that were previously only available via the Amazon exclusive Best of the Attitude Era Elite figure, including the blue strap WWE Championship and hat.

Flair comes with the long-awaited Four Horsemen hand sign. For me, these are must-have figures. Here’s a look at both in more detail.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Ric Flair

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